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Hone in on the sellers ready to make a deal right now. Our predictive targeting platform gets results so you can maximize your marketing spend.

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More buyers than you can find deals for every week, starting now. Without wasting time collecting and compiling lists, skip tracing off an out-of-date Excel sheet, or getting squeezed by cash buyers who only want home runs deal. We make scaling easy.

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If spray and pray is your marketing strategy, you’re wasting your money. Get the reports and insight on your marketing channels you need to make the most with your dollars.

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Case Study: Cava Companies

See how Cava Capital uses Audantic to rise above the competition

The proof is in the results.

Audantic customers grow their businesses faster.

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"The result that we got from using Audantic was astronomical. We were able to cut our direct mail marketing expenses in half. My company was doing about 75 deals a year, and now we've grown it to about 150 plus homes a year."

Darryl Canlas

Brothers Buy Homes
Dan Lain Tennessee Home Buyers

"Our results went through the roof. We've been getting a 10X return on our investment with Audantic. Far superior than what we were able to get doing that on our own."

Dan Lain

TN Homebuyers
Chandler Saine-1

"Audantic is a game changer. Since they gives you a smaller data set, you can highly focus this data. Audantic does their job, and they deliver these people are all highly likely to sell. It allows us to really target these people over and over again in multiple channels."

Chandler Saine

Ferocity Assets

Get the Highest Return on Every Dollar

By front loading your investment, you will spend less time, less money and get the highest return on your real estate investment. How?

You gain a massive competitive advantage by leveraging our proven predictive algorithms to identify the best deals in your market before they happen.

By testing the results of a campaign before you ever run it, you avoid wasting time and money to find out if something will work. Our platform tests how well a campaign would have performed over the last six months before you start spending. This allows you to run hard at what is working best and steer clear of losing campaigns.


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Join the Top 1% of investors across the US in leveraging our predictive data and analytics solution to quickly identify the fastest route to scaling your revenue and taking your business to the next level.


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