Access interactive market reporting for a 360-degree view of your market in real-time so you can easily identify and contact new buyers as well as established buyers based on their activity, average discount, and buy box.

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Take action

Access to spreadsheets and more reports is great, but you need a roadmap that is actionable in real time. Buyer Sonar gives you a real-time playbook so you can start driving action on the tasks that will dramatically move the needle.


Deep Dive

Drill into your market to uncover untapped opportunities by deep diving competitors, new players in the market, and make sure you are never late to the party. Tap into powerful at-a-glance competitor metrics and trends so you can tweak your strategy and stay one step ahead.


Audantic customers sell smarter.

“Within one week of using Buyer Sonar, we identified a new buyer and assigned a property for $62K as opposed to our traditional buyer list where the highest offer was $25K.”

Billy Alvaro, President
Max Return Real Estate Investments

The nerdy stuff

We crunch these numbers so you don’t have to. Audantic software is built on AI and Machine Learning processes that keep the data fresh and the details accurate. It’s cutting edge. It’ll give you the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for. Our results are proven. The model works.


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