Reduce your risk by reaching the right buyers

Before you even make the deal on that property, have a list of potential buyers who will give you top dollar. When you know who will buy the type of property you’re looking at, for the price you want, you can turn it around and move on to the next. Volume=profit.


Stop wasting time maintaining lists

Maybe you know one guy who buys rehabs and one guy who only wants turnkey–knowing who to sell to is time-consuming and tedious. Wouldn’t you rather be out there finding new deals? Audantic’s AI-driven data model allows you to see the properties each buyer is buying. It’s always up to date. Just search, sort and make the call.

The proof is in the results.

Audantic customers grow their businesses faster.

Jack Bevier Headshot

“Audantic is approaching real estate data analytics in a much more novel way than any similar data provider. Working with Audantic is already a differentiator in our business, and I believe that the gap will only widen as time goes on.”

Jack Bevier

Partner, The Dominion Group
Dustin Monger

“The team at Audantic works with your acquisitions needs and custom tailors a data set that we couldn’t get anywhere else. We've been able to cut our marketing spend, enter new markets, and quickly generate revenue in just a few months.”

Dustin Monger

CEO, The Noble House
Phil Green

“As all investors know, receiving elite data is essential to success. Audantic has proven to be one of very few “elite” data sets. It is at the core of our marketing. If you’re ready to level up your investing game, we 100% recommend Audantic.”

Chandler Saine

Ferocity Assets

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